Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project TE37 Levin : Tail lights

For a warm start, i bought TE37 tail lights. After 2 month searching, finally i got it. This rare item is damn hard to find, and yes it needed really good patient to wait for this thing. Here are some pictures of my visual inspection, modification & installation process into my TE37 in the making :)

Its used to be called as the banana lights.

First inspection - all parts in good condition

For long term use.

The problem is the right side bulb holder missing. I have to sacrifice one bulb holder from KE35 (mid)

Here is the perfect left side bulb holder for TE37

Right side KE70 bulb holder

Right side KE35 bulb holder

Post mortem begins

Nice tattoo from miami ink lol


Rebate process.

Half way done

Last but not least
TE37 tail lights mission accomplished. Yey!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First photoshoot session

Credits to my friends rizal, pejul, hazerin & jul manok.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First day out

It's an indescribable feeling when I'm driving my ride for her first day out. Unfortunately, on my way back home, I get caught by "polisi dikantur" and get a ticket for having a loud exhaust. The exhaust sound is too good for the polisi to let me go :D Now the incident indirectly guiding me through the mod process. The first things first, let's get started. Deactivate the sound pollution.

First of all, I bought what they called bullet and the result still will not make the polisi happy. The good thing is now the exhaust have a proper arrangement. Enough with my noob explanation.
Here is the pictures :

After few weeks one good friend of mine bring a new solution to reduce the noise and the result is marvelous. Now the polisi can "senyumsuka" at me. lol. The bad thing is i can feel my KE35 start losing kuasakuda lol.

Here is the pictures :

Brand new silencer. I have funny memory with this thing. Nahh already forgot about it. Haha.

Mission accomplished with the exhaust setting. Coming up next is her first photo shoot.

Can you feel the love?

Almost 5 month pass when i bought something extra special in my life. Now here is the full story of my restoration & modification process of my first car. This has been work in progress since Jan 2010. Not much from Jan-May but it's looking like happening.

I've been planning along the lines of the Oil town Classic Club for the upcoming project. It should be getting started on the project within next month or so. Stay tuned. For now i will post some pictures of the KE35 and hopefully soon after that, project pictures! :)

Before that a little bit details of my car :

Make : Toyota
Model : Corolla
Series : KE35
Year : 1979
Body type : 2 doors hardtop
Drive type : Rear wheel drive
Weight : 880kg

First picture of her :

apologies for dodgey phone camera picture

Future pictures of her :

Toyota Corolla TE37 Levin

That's all for now. More to come . . .